Creative Team and Cast

Las Maravillas Creative Team

Creative Producer Alicia Graf
Executive Director Adam Hemmings
Director Dominic Jones
Choreographer Laura Jane Romer-Ormiston
Set Design Maike KochAmy Strike, Lora Smart, Sophie Ansell
Video Design/Direction Maike Koch
Sound Designer Dr. Will Connor
Costume and Effects Designer Marie Chandler
Production Stage Manager Nadezdha Zhelyazkova
Mask Design Laura Jane Romer-Ormiston
Installation and Costume Assistant Rosie Motion
Assistant Director Tristan Pegg
Marketing Manager Andy Mihov
Sound Sculptor Saif Bunni
Cinematographer/Photographer Lewis Gibson-Grainger
Technical Assistant Deborah Rumble

And thanks to special assistance from: Jessica Sykes, Candace Chan, Jimmy Danzig, Victoria Snaith and Allison Caldicott-Levitt


Las Maravillas Cast

Aurora Adams
Charlotte Barnes
Lucy Bishop
Sandra Helk
Stephanie James
Eleanor King
Christine Leigh Milburn
Grace Linstead
Katarina Rayburn
Lauren Surridge
Tom Swale
Charlie Tantam
Millicent Wilkie

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